I dont even know where to start. I have spent all  day watching news coverage about two men who senselessly and barbarically ran over then butchered a man to death on a road that I travel on almost everyday. I happen to not have been in Woolwich today because of a last minute cancellation by a client and I thank God for that. I have no idea what I would have done if I was there.

It is shocking but shocking doesn’t even cover it. This is somewhere I go everyday! Not somewhere in another country, or another continent. I was there two days ago! My friends live there, my church is down the road and people I know are there.

It is unfathomable what could have been going through these men’s minds for them to commit such a crime like this and to also do it in such a nonchalant way! These guys even waited around after killing the man, asking passers by to take pictures and film them – who does that???

Who kills people with a machete and meat cleaver in the middle of the day by a primary school??

They had an agenda and definitely got the attention they wanted – even amplifying the drama to wait for a shoot out with the police. There is a film showing one of the killers talking about why he’d done it and he was soaked in the vicitm’s blood and holding the weapons like they were nothing. And the victim was still there! Lying in the street. I don’t know what to say.

Watching all this is surreal. You feel so helpless. What can I do? How can this happen? What will my opinion, shock and horror do?

It’s times like this when you question God. When you question your faith. When that man woke up this morning he didn’t know it would be the last time. No one ever does. How can things like this happen?  Why did He not make the man late or make him stay at home longer? Why didn’t the attackers’ car break down? Why didn’t they become so ill they couldn’t go out? How can He let this happen???

I really really don’t know. I don’t understand but I guess I resolve it by concluding that God, who sees and knows everything, must know something I don’t.

My heart truly goes out to the family and friends of the man killed and I know that that will be the case for many people in the country.

We have to stand strong.We have to go on, we have to come together against things like this and not let them win.


17/04/2013: Lady Margaret Thatcher

The funeral of Margret Thatcher.  A formidable woman, a divisive politician but a groundbreaker anyhow. RIP


I haven’t been to many funerals (one if I remember correctly and that was when I was small so it’s very blurry).It is very sombre in England and most western countries but in Nigeria, although people are sad and miss the person greatly, we have a party. It is usually a time of celebration of the person’s life and memory. In a way I wish we did that here as funerals wouldn’t be feared as much. They always seem really grim and whenever I see a hearse I feel a sense of foreboding. In life they are unavoidable. Times like these make you consider your life and what you would want at your funeral. I’ve have written about it before here and here and believe it is a good thing to do periodically to ensure you’re living life with purpose and not by default.

What would you want people to say about the person you were? The things you did? The legacy you left? If you’ve never taken time to think about it, do it, it might just surprise you.

15/04/2013: Pray for Boston

Another tragedy today and as with all the others we have seen over the past years I don’t know what to say. The main message is to:

pray for boston

I hope people really do pray and not just say it in an act of detached kindness. Sometimes being in another country you can feel helpless to do anything but watch but I pray for everyone there and hope the courage and kindness that the people showed to each other will show the perpetrators that they have not won.