01/07/2013: A Life Well Spent

Dr Tayo

I was supposed to be writing about my long absence, the reason for it and the lovely trip that I took and I will, but just as I touched down back at home I came to learn of the passing away yesterday of one of the greatest influences on my life, My Church Pastor – Dr Tayo Adeyemi. I don’t have the words to say how I’m feeling but it is a huge loss.

There are people in your life that add to it, that change it and that shape it in the greatest of ways and he was one of them. Sometimes their influence is so subtle but when you look back at it they contributed a lot.

He was a great man, caring, funny and one of the best storytellers. I really like his messages and I know a lot of people were touched by it.

So: Rest in Perfect peace Pastor Tayo. You have been a part of my life since I was 7 years old and alongside my parents have been one of the single greatest influence in making me the person I am today. You gave your all and through your words and actions and encouraged others to do the same. You taught us to work for the best, be the best and accept only the best – do things for God and God deserves the best.

Your words spoke life, light and love and will continue to do so for years to come. You have touched millions and I am truly grateful that you answered your calling and ran with it otherwise I wouldn’t have the amazing friends I have, have heard the powerful messages that I heard or follow the valuable advice given over the years to be where I am today.

You loved people and had a heart to see them “be all they can be”. You have encouraged us all to maximise life and get all we could from it and I aim to do just that. We have been immensely touched and some of us don’t even know it. You have been a great blessing. You gave everything of yourself, even encouraging us to have faith when you were weak and thus you remained strong even until the last.

A teacher, preacher and father. A leader, a visionary and ground breaker. I learnt how to write notes, create engaging speeches and make a dream a reality just by the way you taught and made things happen. I learnt to trust God even during hard time just as you did and I learnt to care for people and have compassion despite my position. I even remember writing a play in Sunday school for the kids to perform during a Maximise Life which I gave only to my teacher. We didn’t in the end but you came to me soon after and told me that you had read it, you thought it was great and I should keep writing. I will never forget that, because in my little mind then, I was amazed that Pastor would even take the time out to read my play – you even knew my characters names! You cared and I am still touched even today when I remember that.

A man of vision, influence, excellence and care, God has truly used to you to do something great. I don’t understand it and maybe never will. I still can’t quite believe it but one thing I do know is that I will miss you. I will miss you a lot. All we can do is run with what you started, do it with excellence and keep it going. 20Go.



13/03/2013: Get the Guy

So I recently browsed through section of Waterstone’s (UK Bookstore) and came across this book: “Get The Guyby Matthew Hussey. I was intrigued by the title and a bit sceptical “What a bold statement…so you have all the answers huh?” but flipped through it regardless and found myself reading for about 10 minutes! It actually seemed quite interesting – it was targeted at women but gives you relationship advice from a male perspective.  I wanted to read the rest so I thought I’d get it. Online. (Couldn’t have the cashier knowing I’m buying a book on snagging a guy  *cringe* – all women should be able to do this naturally right?)

 I started reading it on the train, all the while blushing and trying so to cover up the title hoping no one saw it (as I said the title is what caught my eye – it’s bold and huge – if it caught my eye, it will surely catch other people’s, then they’d look up to see who is reading it….ridiculous to be embarrassed, I know, but I was – I guess I didn’t want anyone to think I needed the book, I’m still young!). I read the rest in the comfort of my own home and just had to share (so I can’t read it on a train, yet I have no problem writing about the fact that I’m reading it and sharing it with the world. Weird.)

The thing is I’m actually not too fussed about my love life.  I have always been the ‘when it happens, it will happen‘ kind of person (but not overly so, I’m still aware that if you sit at home, nothing will happen). I had the dream of my Prince Charming coming along in a chance encounter and sweeping me away but as you get older you realise that there is only a limited amount of time that this mentality can be sustained for before you get to that panic stage of “OMG where is he???” Why am I still single?!”. Time is ticking down and I’ve become even more aware of it now that everyone around me is getting engaged left, right and centre. This book unfortunately busts my little fairytale bubble and tells you to get out there! – chance encounters are all well and good but you’re more likely to meet someone by creating situations in which you can meet someone.

I like the way the author put the advice into three parts: ‘Find the Guy‘ (about meeting more men, finding the right guy and starting relationships), ‘Get the Guy‘ (deepening connections with guys you could  potentially have long-term relationships with) and ‘Keep the Guy‘ (maintaining a relationship once you’ve got him). He even gives you video tips (on his website), to demonstrate what he is talking about. The advice is sound and there are no sleazy lines such as ‘wear a low-cut top’. He covers topic such as “Where are all the good guys?”, ‘Creating a great date’  and “Is he Mr Right?”

As much as you learn things from one perspective, having the other side is brilliant.  He actually started out coaching men on how to find the right woman so although this book is for women, he might have other things on his site (and in his seminars) that are useful for men.

I believe you should prepare yourself to be ‘the one’ before you meet ‘the one’ so I do read books on relationships and attend seminars etc from time to time, so this book could be a good investment. Wise people learn from other people and learn most from other people’s mistakes – get all the advice you can and make life easy for yourself.  I’m not worried about it. Yet. I might try some of the tips out though, let’s see how effective they are ;-).

He also has a TV show coming out on NBC called “Ready for Love” produced by Eva Longoria, so I’ll check that out too.

Have you read any good relationship books? If you’re single what do you do to be content with it?

Good thing of the day: Preparation is key, even for relationships. Great book.

10/03/2013: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

It’s Mother’s Day!!!! (In the UK)mothers day

I loooooove my mum!

She is kind, she’s caring, she has been through a lot but brought us up with such love, safety and security that we haven’t a care in the world! She is wise and although I think I know best I usually end up agreeing with her. She is a go-getter and a hard worker and when she wants to do something she always gets it done and to the highest standard. She has her own sense of humor and is confident in herself. She is loving and she is beautiful, exceptional and adorable. She is a woman loved by God who loves God, she is phenomenal and sensational, she is my inspiration. When I grow up I want to be just like her. She is my mum and I love her!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!