03/05/2013: Life So Far

525578_10150673900002626_1819748656_n.jpgIt has been a pretty busy week.  I applied for another flexible job and got it, so now I am delving into the world of property management and building up skills for the future (got to buy me a house!). I’ve also started my Ice Skating lessons!!

In a previous post I talked about how you can always achieve your dreams even if it has to be in another way. I may not ever be an Olympic champion but why can’t I learn to skate and enjoy it in my own free time? I almost talked myself out of doing it, saying that the money was too much (it really wasn’t), but I’m glad I didn’t – this is the third week and already I can skate backwards!! (Do you know how long I have wanted to do that?? Spins next!) I have yet to fall down, although we were actually taught how to do that in the first lesson (hope I haven’t just jinxed myself there). As with everything, practice make perfect.

When you see these little girls out on the ice doing spins, twirls and jumps and you’ve barely let go of the railings it makes you wanna cry! But one day, one day I’ll get there. I imagine that day where I’ll whizz around the Ice, run up and jump to be held aloft by a tall strapping hunk of a guy quizzing around the rink…that’s if I’m not to heavy by then after eating all those chocolate cookies. I really want a pair of boots – in white of course. Birthday present anyone?

Good thing of the day: Stressful morning shadowing in new job (two hour wait!) but all worked  out in the end.