More About…. The Author

Name: Theodora AdisaIMG_0006

Age: 24

Nationality: British Nigerian

Occupation: Private Teacher (Maths, Sciences)

Religious Views: Christian – It’s about a relationship not a denomination

Career History:

I did Biomedical Sciences at university with the aim of doing Medicine afterwards but halfway through my course I realised that as much as I care for people, I didn’t want to become a doctor. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t have a replacement career in mind, which has lead me to where I am now.

I’ve worked part-time in Education since graduating and spent the other ‘part’ working out what I want to do. That time has been used to do a lot of thinking (too much maybe), wondering, and exploring and I have since come to the conclusion ( finally! Yay!) that the Media and Publishing industries are my home, story telling is my love and life is definitely,completely and utterly what you make it – no one else. I’m not quite ‘there’ yet but the journey is proving interesting and this blog is a part of it. I’m working on starting a business so watch this space!


…. Future Occupation: Media company owner, Journalist, anything else that captivates my heart and can be used to bring in money.

When I grow up I…

…want to run my own company

….want to have a great family

… want to make a difference and  leave a great legacy


–       Career

To get a full time job or start a masters course 

To start my own business

–       Financial

  • Short term:
    • – Stick to budget and live within my means
    • – Pay off student loan!!!
    • – Save!
  • Long term:
    • To become financially independent

–       Personal

  • Learn a language (French and Spanish)
  • Travel the world
  • Develop in character
  • Read more
  • Explore Politics, History and Culture

Favourite Things:

Music, films, writing, shopping, nights with friends, food, reading, travelling, fashion & beauty, my family


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