End of Another Year

It’s great to look back at the year and review all that has happened.

I started this blog and that took so much effort just to press the publish key. I’m not sure if I will continue with it but I have learnt so much. This year I have grown in confidence, direction and knowledge. I am more determined than ever to make next year awesome, forge my own path and take control of my life. I want it to be exciting, fulfilling and exceptional and I know that the only person that can make that happen is me.

This year has had its ups and its downs. Some really low lows but the highs were big enough to pick us all up and carry on.

Looking back at the list of things I planned to do in 2013 there are quite a few that I have done. Not as many as I’d have liked but the ones that were done were significant and having done even some of the smallest things is a great achievement!

Next year I want to travel, get a hold of my finances, meet new people and really take off with my business ideas. I still struggle with fear but I have learnt this year to go for things despite that fear, to just jump in and start. I will be re-reading all the books I read at the beginning of this year, next year for renewed inspiration and compare just how far I have come. Hopefully the story next year will be even greater and more fabulous.

This year I have learnt that plans are fantastic helpers – don’t let things happen to you, be in control – live life by design rather than by default. If you want to travel, increase financially, get on better in life? Plan for it! Why can’t it happen? No excuses, no fear, no worries, no regrets – the only thing stopping you is you. Make. Everything. Happen.

Change your life