Morning Muddles


I woke up to go to work, got ready, headed out the door and was happily refreshed and on my way then halfway through my 1 hour drive I look at the time. 8:35.


I’m sure that’s wrong.


Hold on what?! No, this clock has to be wrong. Maybe it needs to be reset. 8:35

The clock is wrong isn’t it? I rummage one handed through my bag to check the time again against my phone…8:35…noooo! Noooo!!! 1hour early! I left 1 hour early!! I could have been sleeping! I should be sleeping!

Nooooo!! Why?!

Then I realised that I hadn’t reset my alarm. Grrrrr

Never mind…at least I brought a book to read – I’ll have some early morning personal development.

And to top it all off there was no traffic as usual so I even got to work and extra half hour earlier so now I have an hour and a half to kill.

Oh life. The funny things.

Go get breakfast?


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