23/08/2013: One Wedding and A Funeral

Today was the funeral service of my Pastor, Dr Tayo Adeyemi.

There was so much preparation for this event and there was a lot to take in.  I have never been to a funeral so I was really apprehensive about what It would be like. I had thoughts of people heaving. wailing and crying but although people did cry it was more uplifting and a reminder of what kind of man he was.

I’ve spent all week preparing with the choir to sing today. I went to wedding on Saturday which was beautiful and it was very strange to be celebrating and also preparing to say a final goodbye to somebody as well. Joy and sadness. Crying and laughter. It’s strange what life throws at you sometimes.

There was a lying in state before the funeral service and we got to walk by his casket to pay our last respects. It was strange to see his face – he was still wearing his glasses! I thought it would be really difficult but somehow it wasn’t, it was just peaceful.

As the choir were needed throughout, we stood for almost two hours with his casket right in front of us it wasn’t easy but it was worth it and not as emotional as I thought it would be. I think that was because of the man he was and the legacy he left and the fact that the memories I had of him were good ones of warm and loving, caring and funny man.

Today taught me how important it is to spend time with people and leave a positive impression and legacy not only by what you do but by touching their hearts. Through the service we remembered his funny sense of humour and his unique laugh. We remembered the important messages he preached to lift us up and guide us in our daily lives. We remembered his warm hugs and work in the community. His drive for excellence in all that he did and his passion for what he did.

Although he has gone, he has left a huge positive legacy which I hope we will continue and his life is an example – something I will take forever. I am so glad to have grown up with him as my Pastor and to have known him during my life, for because of him I am a much better person today. He was a great man. One of the greatest.


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