22/07/2013: A King Is Born

The Royal Baby has finally arrived!! And it is a boy!!

Caucasian baby boy dressed as king

He was born at 4pm they kept it quiet for four hours….they did well.

I think I secretly wanted it to be a girl. After all the wrangling they did trying to get the Succession Law in and now we’ll have to wait until this baby has a child to see that come into effect. I also think I wanted to see them dress her in cute little dresses and shoes (not that they can’t have another child though). They haven’t announced its name yet but I’m sure it will be James, George, Alexander …any of the names of past Kings that haven’t been used recently. Alexander would be nice…he’ll sound kind of cool.

I love babies!! They are so cute and cuddly and I’ll take any chance to get around one when I see them. Although they can be testing they are wonderful. They always remind me of hope and of something new – a life untainted by too much knowledge, rules and constraints. One that is yet to be formed and shaped – a blank canvas. They are so unafraid to explore and try something new, to go for what they want and to grab it with both squidgy little hands! They have a whole path, life and experience to live before them but they are still contented at the smallest of things and can laugh for hours at things we’d get bored with in 5 minutes. They can be shaped in any which way and have started their journey to learning and living life.

This baby however has his life planned out for him way before even ever existed and that must be hard. He has come into this world with a weight already placed on his tiny shoulders, that he doesn’t even know or understand anything about yet. He is to be King one day and will spend all his life preparing for that. As much as there are the perks it must be hard. You don’t get to choose what you want to do – you are born to serve and lead the country and that’s final!

As much as people say they want to be Princes and Princesses it think being a real-life one is further from what Disney tell us and is not something I would like to do. I may struggle with choosing what I want to do but I like my freedom too much.

Best wishes to them, I hope they bring him up well. My kid’s might be swooning over him one day. How weird!

Good thing of the day: Royal Baby!


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