13/07/2013: Re-Boot

So I’ve gone quiet.

This month was supposed to be the month that I completed and launch my projects but I can’t because  over the past few months from about April, I lost focus and  started to dwindle.

I could see it happening and I kept saying to myself that I’ll get back on it tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and nothing happened.

Sometimes things breaks our focus and then we find it difficult to get that focus back and feel motivated.

Sometimes it can be because we get busy or something major happens but when this happens it’s time to reassess what you are doing and why you are doing what you are doing and change it if necessary.  For me I have a lot of little things clamouring for my attention that were fine when I started them but are difficult to cut off from and have become a distraction now. I am giving time to the wrong things and I am treating those things that are not extremely important as though they were.  I am giving them too much power!

I realise and know in my heart that I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want to give attention and time to things I don’t love to do. I don’t want to get frustrated or off track so it’s time to re-engage and reboot. Time to press on the accelerator again. Time to get out of the things, stop complaining and  get on with things.

I have to stop doing this job that I don’t like. I have to stop volunteering on this project that has come to a plateau and I have gotten bored with and I have get more work experience  else where.

I have to read. Find people to network with, email people, attend events and make the second half of this year productive. I have to get back on it. I just have to.

It’s time for a re-launch.

My project launch date might be delayed but it will happen. It has got to.

The good thing is, this time, I can see what is happening and nip it in the bud before it escalates and I find myself in a depressed, aimless and frustrated position again. I know what to do and how to go about it so I will do that.

I also have to get back in contact with people who have helped me so far in order to develop a strategy to go forward.

I’ve got to get moving.

I need to re-compartmentalise things and re structure where they fit in – one can’t overtake the other. Remember why you’re doing it and if it isn’t helping you towards your goal don’t be afraid to stop, drop and roll away from it.

I’ve been looking for way to meet new people who are like-minded and I came across this website: Female Entrepreneurs Association.

It has great inspiring stories from women across the world who have started and run their own business and it is so exciting. I hope to meet some of them one day.

This video describes my situation and is very helpful: 

Good thing of the day: Found a good new website to help me on my journey.


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