02/06/2013: A Birds Eye View

Today in our church service the sermon was about prayer. As Christians, we are supposed to pray and are taught that it is ‘talking to God’ or ‘asking God for things/thanking Him’ and it is, but sometimes we can ‘pray’ without having any real connection with what we are doing because we have lost the understanding or meaning of what it is. The Pastor talked about how prayer is someone on here on earth inviting God to intervene in our situations as well as the other aspects. I think his sermon was based on this book by Myles Munroe. As the Pastor talked, a particular metaphor came to my mind and I thought it was good so I thought I’d share it – let me know what you think. This metaphor involves one of my favourite things – The Television!

TV! Soaps! Drama! Film! I love watching good dramas on TV, so to the point that I get absorbed and block the world out while I get lost in the story (something which my family hate – they have to literally stand in front of me to get my attention – but why?! and it’s always at the good bit as well! Call me when it’s over!). Do you ever have those time when you are watching a film and you know what is coming and you want to scream at the person “Nooooo! Don’t open that door! There is a zombie behind there!” or “Omg don’t go that way you’re so going to get caught by the bad guy!” or things to that effect. There are always those moments where we wish we could talk to a character (maybe not ‘we’…might just be me..maybe I’m weird, so I’ll say I wish) and tell them what another character had done or what to avoid or do so as to get the best outcome. We have the bird’s-eye view of the situation or what I call the ‘TV view’, where we know all that has happened before and could happen in a situation if certain decisions are made or things are done and if only the characters in the TV could talk to us, we could help them. I think that this is a metaphor for prayer.

We say that God sees everything and knows our lives. Well have you ever thought that God might be watching out lives like a TV drama? He sits down on a Thursday night with His bag of Heavenly Popcorn to watch episode 365 of “The life of Theo” and shouts at the screen “Nooo! Don’t do it!” when we want to make a mistake” or “Yes, take the chance!” when were pondering a new opportunity. He sees the bigger picture. He has seen what the other characters in the story are up to and knows how they will affect your story line. He knows where you should go and what things lead to the best outcome. However, the difference with prayer and normal TV is that we have an added feature – ‘Phone the Audience‘. When you pray, you ‘phone’ (talk to) God (the audience) to get His advice and guidance based on His view of the situation. Of course with you being in that situation you won’t always know the outcome or why it’s better to take one path or another and what the future holds but when you ask God, the audience member, you just have to trust that He knows which path is best because of His point of view. We even believe  that some bad things happen for a reason (although I truly struggle with some like the attack two weeks ago) and this is because He has seen the outcome and says this is the best way to go to get that outcome.

This analogy of what prayer is, helps me to keep in mind a reason for prayer: Asking God to intervene in situations on Earth, providing guidance based on His vantage point. If you had someone everyday who was able to see your relationships, arguments, problems, and successes from an objective view point and give you the inside scoop on the outcomes wouldn’t you take it?

I hope this provides a different perspective from which to approach prayer and hopefully it puts more weight to your next one.

What do you think?

Good thing of the day: A new revelation, a renewed understanding of prayer


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