I sometimes get too excited when I see something I like. When something resonates with me immediately, I then think the whole world should know about it. Sometimes this happens even when I don’t know everything about it! So bear with me but I think I’ve found an awesome book!

I haven’t even read it yet but from what I have read it seems like it’ll be sooo goood! (A wise recommendation then? Mmmm…hope I won’t be eating my words).

I was reading this article: ‘How to Dream Honestly‘, on (where else?) and it’s actually an extract from a book called “Start” by Jon Acuff. Well, I liked the article so much I went in search of more information, about the author and the book the extract was from, and it led me to

He writes a blog called Stuff Christians Like (he is so funny and down to earth on here – I will be reading) and this evolved into three books and a public speaking career. I’m sure you’d have guessed by now, considering the current genre of books I’ve been reading, what the book is about, but just incase you haven’t,  it is for anyone who wants to  stop living an average run-of-the-mill life and do the things that matter/chase your dreams/get your dream job  etc…but essentially, it’s about starting on this journey – or at least that’s what the blurb says!

I’m not sure how long this journey of mine is going to last but it’s nice to know that other people have taken it before (makes it a little easier for me!) and have (hopefully) valuable information to share.

Have a look at the first chapter. I’m so excited! I know I should be wary…might not be any different from what I’ve read before but if the Amazon reviewers like it (my go to forum for book buying) then it can’t be too bad. Off to order it…hopefully it lives up to my expectation!


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