31/03/2013: Happy Easter!!! (Time for change)

happy-easterThree months already! This year is passing before us like lightning…

What have you been doing with your year?

My challenge (from myself to myself) at the beginning of this year was to blog a moment of my day everyday. I should have known it might not be truly sustainable as not everyday is interesting *sigh*. You get the slow days, the low days, the I-dont’want-to-get-out-of-bed days and unfortunately the I-don’t-know-what-to-write days. I’ve had a few of those this past month but I am still determined to write down as many moments as possible. So I’m changing it up and writing on the days that actually have a poignant moment. Who knows? I maybe I’ll actually have to write everyday if the months ahead become more interesting! but that will only happen if I make them. Three months gone so far, nine more chances to make this year a great one to remember!

April is coming and I have planned to do a lot including:

– Ice-skating lessons

– Salsa lessons with my mama

– A lot more work (saving up for those future travels!)

and a whole lot of other  things.

You can only reminisce later on what you decided to do today I say. No regrets.

Good thing of the day: Happy Easter! Great time relaxing with the family over lunch…had a quiz – my general knowledge is actually quite good!


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