11/03/2013: Soho Theatre

A lovely long time friends birthday celebration took us to the Soho theatre to watch a play called God’s Property.



God’ s Property Cast from http://www.sohotheatre.com

It was a story set in 1982 about two mixed race brothers are re-united in Deptford, South London.

“Sixteen year old, Onochie rules the family roost. His barely known older brother Chima returns home to find that Onochie is a skinhead who chooses to no longer be black.

Chima is not welcome in the area and only has a few hours to meaningfully connect with his brother. But outside a hostile community has been alerted to his return. Chima has been blamed for the death of a white girl and the vitriolic community won’t be satisfied until it delivers its own rough justice.

Onochie faces the tough decision of siding with the community he has tried to belong to, or standing with the brother he doesn’t know.”

This play, with its cast of only 4 carried was carried off perfectly and the qualms I had at the beginning when I saw a single set, disappeared as I was drawn into the story. It wasn’t long, but it turned out to be really funny and with a great twist – I just wished it had continued.

I really want to go to the theatre more often, need some more culture in my life!

Good thing of the day: Great night out out.


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