8/02/2013: One Small Step

One_Step_Closer_by_soulofautumn87Lovely day out with a couple of my besties today.

We caught up over lunch (Vapianos again), spent the afternoon watching funny videos on YouTube then we went out in the evening and guess what we did? …Yep you guessed it! We went to the cinema! (We watched Flight).

I have never been to the cinema as many times as I have recently! I’ve gone enough times to last me three years, I probably only went three or four times last year. So I’ve already used up my yearly quota!

I also had to resist the urge to impulse buy. I am trying to be more disciplined with my finances and impulse buys cannot happen.

I have taken to the idea of getting a picture of the things I need to save for (a new,car, a house, my future!), sticking it inside the flap of my purse and writing “Do you really want that or do you want this?” above it, so that when I open my purse to pay for an impulse buy I think twice. Doing that makes me visually see what I’m taking money away from to fund my purchase and compare whether the pleasure of having that item today is worth taking money from what I could be having tomorrow.

I am also trying the 30 day rule. When shopping, I take note of the things I liked and need think I want but don’t buy them. I wait 30 days and see if I still want them. If I do, then I can treat myself (budget permitting). Its hard but it’s necessary!

A great website that I use also is moneysavingexpert.com. It has everything you need and more!

Good thing of the day: A small step (out of the stores) for me, a giant step for my finances. Money saved!


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