27/02/2013: Mentor Magic


A conversation with someone older, wiser and more knowledgable than yourself can always lead to good things. I had a catch up with my mentor today and we discussed how far I had come in the months we had been meeting.

In the summer of last year I did ‘The Enterprise Programme‘ which is run by The Prince’s Trust as I had a business idea I wanted to explore. The program is run by for young people ages 18-30 who are unemployed and seeking to find out if self-employment is right for them and at the end you are put in touch with a mentor who’s role is to help you decide what to do next. This course was great, I learnt a lot and  wish I had done it earlier. It was however, good that I didn’t because I would not have met my mentor!

I think my mentor was heaven-sent. We have so many things in common although we are years apart in age and I believe that talking to someone who can give an objective view of my situation has really helped me. I have been able to discuss and think about things I hadn’t thought about before and get guidance and an opinion on what to do.

A lot has changed since we began meeting. I was so lost and unfocused when we started, really worried about what I was, had been and would be doing in terms of career. I had so many ideas but wasn’t acting on any of them out of fear, lack of motivation, discouragement and just not feeling good enough. I had been trying on my own to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, figure out where my passions lay, progress with a business idea etc but I had lost the motivation and clarity that having a set purpose and stable environment i.e. getting a degree at University, gives you. I had thrown off the structure set by another, to step out and do my own thing, but I was finding that creating my own structure and walking my own path was proving to be to be much harder than I thought.

With the help of my mentor I have been able to clarify and compartmentalise all of these thoughts and ideas and truly get to the heart of what is important to me and should be important to me. I feel more focused and ready to go. I’m not completely there yet but talking it out has built my confidence back up and helped me to realise what I need and want to do.

I made contact with my mentor through an organisation but I believe that it is important to have a mentor regardless of your situation and in all areas of life. Someone who is wise, trustworthy, able to listen and guide you in the right direction. Someone who has been there, done that and everything in-between. Someone who you can talk to, who will be honest and open with you and is not just there to stroke your ego.

For me having someone outside my family and usual circle helped. We built up trust over time and it worked. This might not be the best method for you and if you know the person already that can be even better but getting a mentor is a great thing you should consider.

I am so excited about this year the things and projects I am GOING to do. The focus is back, I just need to act!

Do you have a mentor or someone you share ideas with?

Good thing of the day: Great catch up with my mentor. Motivation for the month ahead.


25/02/2013: Life! Camera! Action!

I had a little fun today being an extra on a film set.film_set_for_unknown_movie

It isn’t as glamorous as it might seem however, (there’s a lot of waiting around), but the people I met were lovely and the crew were very nice and friendly to us too – something that doesn’t always happen, ‘wot wiv’ extras being on the lowest rung of the film set ladder an’ all’ lol. If you ever do it, be sure to take a book or magazine along with you…you might be there for ages. In spite of all that, I’m just looking forward to seeing the half-a-second shot of my arm when it is released! Who’s bringing popcorn?!

I was flipping through some old notebooks I found earlier today and I came across something I’d written, adapted from a book I’d read when I was younger. I thought it was a really cool take on the way we see life and if you’re a film fanatic then it might just be great analogy for you:

Adapted from ‘Teen Queen & Has Beens’ by Cathy Hopkins.

Life Is What You Make It

“It’s like a movie. There is a leading lady and a leading man and the rest of the cast are the people you choose as friends. The camera starts rolling from the moment you are born and it films your perspective on life  from an angle that’s totally unique in the universe: your view.  You write the story. You choose how the script goes, you improvise and you edit. You choose the locations, the plot times, the story lines, the love interests, the action and even the soundtrack. You choose whether you play a hero or a victim, someone who has it all or someone who loses it all. You create the dialogue – you improvise your own responses and the cast make up theirs. There may be baddies (bullies) and/or goodies and there are always extras in your movie – all the people in the background at home, school and work. You chose who to focus on and who to blur out. Which scenes to keep and which to exclude. In the film of your life, YOU are the Writer, Director, Producer and Film Maker and at the end the credits will roll up saying: “My Life, starring….me as Me, A as Friend 1, B as Friend 2 and so on. It will be yourself and the people you let play a part in your life whether big or small. It’s your story, your movie, your choice, your life

Think it’s a film worth watching?

Good thing of the day: Trying new things. Had fun on set, even in the freezing cold!