03/01/2013: The Hunt Begins

IMG_0004A new year and the job hunt begins. I used most of today job hunting and hopefully it proves to be promising. I wanted to really go for it but my day was interrupted at times by the agenda’s of others (namely sibling one and sibling two). This annoyed me a little but then I thought ‘why should it?, you need to learn to minimise distractions and work around them’. So I decided to focus wholeheartedly on my work until the time that I had to take a break and attend to the cares of my siblings came. This actually made me calmer, less stressed and more determined to use the time I did have to myself, wisely. I was able to focus and I did find some jobs that were quite interesting so fingers crossed.

My aim this year as it was last year is to structure my day and not waste any of the time that I have so that I can look back and know that it was spent wisely. I have found that when you set yourself a goal, have a deadline and focus you are able to get more done. I got a Collins Diary for Christmas last year ( or should that be the year before?) and its an organiser in which all of the days are divided by the hour. It was so useful! It really helped me to plan my day, thus making life more efficient (even if all I was doing was housework!):

I may need to get another one but my new-found love of Apple products with the sync-able calendar is proving to be a worthy alternative. I want to be more efficient with my time. Let’s hope that it continues for the rest of the year!

P.S. Just read about the ‘Happiness experiment’ from my friends blog:http://crystaldebrah.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/the-happiness-experiment/. Although I might not be able to do it exactly, I’m going to do the abridged version my sister told me her friend did: write down one good thing that happens to you every day and put it in a jar. Then read it all at the end of the year! Well I don’t have a jar but I do have a blog, so I’ll write them at the end of my post and on a separate page.

Good thing of the day: Found a few jobs that look promising and practiced driving with my brother and we didn’t argue!

and because I only found this today:

Good thing of yesterday (02/01/13): I went to a shopping mall to return items and I DIDN’T come back with anything. Very proud!

Good thing of the day before (01/01/13): I’ve made it to a new year health and whole! Family meeting went well, goals set, lots to achieve.


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