31/01/2013: End of a Beginning


The last day of January!!!

One month of the year gone already! Wow! This also marks the end of one month on this blog and already I can see the new experiences and challenges I have taken on, things I’ve learnt (and hopefully you have too) and things I’m still yet to do.  It’s been great.  Writing (almost) everyday and looking out for those moments has helped me to appreciate and take notice of even the littlest things in my day, even on the days when there’s nothing really dramatic or poignant to write about.

I have realised that I have to try to blog everyday otherwise the momentum can be lost and one can easily fall back into old habits. The goal for February is to set a time to write and stick to it so it becomes a habit. It’s also to review the things I’ve shared way I write and improve in all areas so (constructive) feedback is welcome.

I really hope that the things I’ve been sharing have been useful and that the rest of the year is even better!

In other news: Congratulations to a couple of friends on the birth of their bouncing baby boy! He is soooo cute!

Good thing of the day: Been blogging and I’ve made it a month!


30/01/2013: So, So

Today was a very normal day, things are starting to get more routine after the burst that is the New Year but i’m determined to still find great things even in the little things.

Quote of the day:

live simp

Good thing of the day: I’m alive!

29/01/2013: Getting There

Tuesday again!
I’ve moved my voluntary day at NWTV Production Office to Tuesdays so I am now spending my days editing news informercials. It was challenging as this was only my second time doing it completely on my own but I’m getting the hang of it.
Good thing of the day: Another day another step.